Marcelle Mateki Akita is an author, producer and literature programmer. She produces the Royal African Society‘s Africa Writes festival hosted at the British Library, Bernie Grant Arts Centre‘s Tottenham Literature Festival and Apples & Snakes’s SPINE Festival.

She previously worked for the Caine Prize for African Writing as Web Content Editor. In 2014 she co-founded Afrikult. – a literary organisation that seeks to widen access to African literatures – before stepping down in 2019. In 2018 she was shortlisted for the Morland Writing Scholarships.

In 2020 her two children’s books are published by Rising Stars (Hachette UK). She is Creative Producer for ‘Toni Morrison: A Celebration‘ at WOW – Women of the World Festival 2020 and Project Manager for SHaME (Sexual Harm and Medical Encounters)‘s Shameless! festival for The WOW Foundation.

Marcelle founded matekiwrites as a blog in 2016 to explore themes of healing, self-discovery and creative writing. Though no longer running as a blog like it once was, Marcelle shares some of her musings on Instagram (but now on a social media break).

Her work has appeared in National Theatre’s News Views, University of Hull’s CultureNet: Writer of the Moment, Adinkra Magazine, Ain’t I a Woman Collective, AFREADA, Aké Review, Black Fly Zine and Writivism’s anthology, Unbreakable Bonds. Her debut collection Lizard & Other Stories was published in December 2016. She is currently working on two novel manuscripts and a children’s adventure series with her brother, and lives in London while frequenting Accra (and soon, Nairobi aka Nairobae).

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Beulah Davina is a natural hair blogger, cartoonist and photographer born in London and currently living in Bristol.

Her natural hair blog, The Creamy Crack Rehab, is an online space dedicated to celebrating the aesthetic of natural hair and the humour within the natural hair community.

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