Quick note: Of recent I’ve been asking myself this question, re-evaluating where my attention goes, where my energy is spent and what effect it has or had on my development. Being an individual who battles with varying anxieties, insecurities and fears on a daily – like most people do – to the point of paralysis I had to ask myself some hard questions. It became clear during my inquiry how I disproportionately place my attention and energy into things that stunt my growth, because, in some lie I’ve told myself over the years and subconsciously believed, I didn’t think I was worth it. Ultimately I was setting myself up to fail. Despite my achievements and the love I am surrounded by, this lie screams and I shrink into my quivering flesh. Then this question whispered and I leaned in deeper, remembering the answers are inside me waiting for me to explore further. If you can relate I ask you, what are you giving power to and how is it serving you?