Quick note: Pain is unpleasant, and in this context I am speak on emotional pain. The kind of pain that hurts when you breathe. That aches when you speak. That hammers your chest and pinches your eyes wide awake into the middle of the night. Yet pain is a necessary part of our development. I find that when I am encountering an unbearable pain, that I fall into the tendency of a) relishing in it, in the self-pity and harm or b) completely numb myself to it, build a hard exterior and cut off any ability to feel. But until I understood that pain is very much a part of me, a part of my development, I recognised I should treat it with a degree of consciousness. To see it. To recognise it is there. To sit and listen to what this is telling me, because ultimately there is a lesson in it somewhere. Only if you open yourself up to learning, without judgement or wistful action, then will the lesson unveil itself. This doesn’t mean the pain will leave you, nor does it mean that it will get easier, but what it does mean is that you’re growing and discovering more of who you are.