Quick note: A massive difference I have made in my life is being attentive to my internal dialogue. We spend a lot of time in our heads. Sometimes it’s background mumbles, other times it’s plaintive alarms and oft times it’s a conversation. But how regularly do you catch what you’re saying to yourself in those soft, background mumbles? Are you aware of the language you are using? When I’m feeling sad or pensive, irregardless of the current situation, I notice how my internal conversation fuels the intensity of sadness. Because I’m attached to it. I find it easier to focus on the bleak than on the progression. I am addicted to believe in the lesser version of me than the best version of me. This is from years of self-harming and self-sabotage, and though now I make a more conscious and active effort in understanding more of who I am and the power that lies within, I still hear its traces. I recognise now the significance of how I speak (and have spoken) to myself determines how well I choose to serve myself in that present moment.